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VestPac was born in the outdoor enthusiast Mecca… Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We were looking for a lightweight hydration system with easy access pockets and no bulk.  We needed something slim enough to wear under a jacket (since the temps are often sub-zero here) and strong enough to take a beating.  It had to be more comfortable than a traditional backpack, and above all it had to be cool.  Sweat can mean death, or at the very least a very unpleasant afternoon, in the Teton Mountain Range.  After a lot of trial and error, our hydration pack started to take shape.  Our first revelation was to add elastic straps.  The difference in comfort was like night and day.  The elastic also forced us to pack light.  Even the best elastic can only take so much weight.  This turned out to be a good thing because only then did we realize how much unnecessary stuff we had been lugging around.  The next step was to make it cool.  It took over two years, but we finally found the right combination of materials that now comprises our patented 3-D Airmesh design.  As we experimented and tweaked our designs, we found new ways to solve problems we didn’t even know we had.  We added pockets to the front for easy access and balance.  This gave us a place to put the gadgets we just couldn’t live without like our phones and iPods.  It also countered the weight of the water on our backs, taking all of the stress off our core.  We could now wear the packs all day without feeling tired or sore.  We soon started taking the packs everywhere.  Hiking, biking, skiing, running, fishing, and SUPing are just a few of the activities we donned our VestPac’s for.  Each sport required a unique gear set, so we adapted the pack to suit those needs.  As our closets and work tables fill up with packs, we had another revelation.  Why not make the different parts and pieces interchangeable?  That way, we could have one pack that was custom made for many different uses.  So, we gave it a universal clip system that would allow us to exchange the front pieces in seconds.  No matter the season, we often found ourselves around water (in one form or another) and this prompted our exploration into waterproofing.  Since Apple had not yet, and still hasn’t to our knowledge, graced us with a waterproof iPhone, we set to work to make a waterproof iPhone case.  Not just any case would do. We had already decided we would have a 100% no matter what guarantee, so this case had to meet the strictest standards.  It needed to be completely submersible for any length of time.  It needed to be durable, yet light and easily storable.  Lastly, it needed to be universal.  Several broken phones, tons of broken cases, and one cancelled insurance policy later, we had a case we could be proud of.  In keeping with our simpler is better mantra, we had found another product that could provide the maximum amount of utility, with the least amount of excess and zero frills.  Along the way, we have developed and tested a ton of cool products.  Some have been more successful than others and you can see those for sale on our website.  If you have a need for a piece of outdoor equipment, please let us know and we will do our best to come up with a solution for you.



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