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Lifetime Guaranty

All VestPac products come with a lifetime guaranty

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VestPac's hydration pack system is the lightest, most comfortable way to stay hydrated on the go.

VestPacs are designed to provide the best possible performance for every situation. The revolutionary 3D Airmesh™ technology adapts to take advantage of any environment. In hot climates, moisture evaporates from the mesh, actively cooling both your body and your H2O. When the temps drop below freezing, the VestPac becomes an UnderPac™, a breathable mid-layer worn under the jacket. This insulates your core while utilizing body heat to keep the water reservoir from turning into an ice block.

VestPacs are not designed like typical backpacks. That's because they are not backpacks. They are not designed to put all of your gear behind you, out of reach. They are not designed to need big, bulky straps. They are not designed to bounce around, making your back and neck sore. Our unique design keeps them comfortable and light, making them the best hydration packs around. What they are designed to do, is carry all of your essential gear (the real essentials like phone, keys, money, granola bar, and water) in a way that's completely balanced and easy to access. No bulk, no bouncing, no chaffing, no sweaty back, no sore neck, and no stopping to dig for your stuff. In other words, no distractions keeping you from enjoying Mother Nature the way you want to.


Comfort you can't feel™

All VestPac products are 100% Guaranteed for life. We wanted to guarantee them forever, but the lawyers put an end to that.

Our products are designed and tested by professional athletes and everyday enthusiasts to ensure we only offer the very best.

We use high-durability elastic straps so our chest packs are no more confining than your favorite sweatpants.

VestPacs are completely submersible and machine washable for when you want to get down and dirty.

Every hydration vest comes with a BPA free, anti-microbial water reservoir and high flow bite valve.

Multiple chest pocket options cater to different sports and activities with different gear requirements.

All chest pockets are interchangeable, so you can use one Pac to tackle everything.

VestPac is based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.

"The VestPac hydration systems are unreal. Best water pack I've ever used, hands down. At first I was unsure about the front pack idea, but after my first paddle I was sold. I forgot I even had a water pack on! It's extremely comfortable, user friendly & lightweight, wet or dry! I use VestPac whilst training on my ski, oc1 & sup. Wear it once and you will be sold, a very smart & simple design for anyone! Well done VestPac." – Travis Grant, OC-1 and stand up paddle world champion.

"I bought your GrandPac last fall...OMG, I LOVE IT. I typically get heat headaches even if I drink my two water bottles while on the trail. I have tried two Camelback packs & one Summit pack...they rubbed, they bounced, they leaked, and they cut into me...even the ladies model bothered me. I put your pack on & totally forget it is on...I find myself drinking more & I haven’t gotten one headache." - Sally T., endurance rider

"Much better than a camelback is the Vestpac! The Vestpac allows you to carry items in the front pockets which are easily accessible whilst paddling. Large zipper pockets great for camera, phone etc. Other pockets can be used for power bars or snacks. Because of the way it is secured you get no rubbing at all, straps are stretchy & comfortable. Made out of some type of mesh material that breaths great, I can wear this pack without a shirt or if you wear a tank you cannot feel it at all...The suction part (mouth piece) is much better than a camel back with a directional slit - put it in the wrong way & nothing comes out when you bite down. The VestPac has holes around a circle so you can always get it on the first try." – Jill V., SUP racer



Waterproof iPhone Cases

VestPac Waterproof iPhone Cases are built to the same quality standards as our Pacs. They are extremely durable, yet still compact enough to fit into your pocket. These double sealed, TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) cases provide your phone, camera, or mp3 player with maximum protection from water, sand, mud, and snow. Talk, text and even take underwater pictures without ever exposing your device to the elements.